about me

flower flower flower flower

hello to everyone who might be reading this. this is the poorly-made, extremely self-indulgent website of a pretentious (and scatterbrained!!) critter, glad you're here.

if its not obvious, this is just meant to be my fun (???) corner of the web. i love commas and parentheses, they are my pride and joys. i should mention my obsession with vocaloid, i adore vocaloid, i live and breathe it. meikos my current favorite. literally all of the music i listen to is vocaloid or related in some way to it, and my obsession is only a little bit of a problem. on a semi-related note, here's some ways i try to define myself: i consider myself some sort of artist, cringe at heart, a bit of a recluse, and only kind of a human person.

( i will probably edit this about me section often as a result of my ever-changing sense of identity, today i happen to be like this (whatever you think "this" is). )

hope u enjoy the rest of this site