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flower flower flower flower

pinnochiop was my top artist for the year, so i feel obligated to add one of his songs on here. this is one of my favorites by him, but im not sure if i prefer this version or the original (go listen to both!)

i adore miku in this track. ive noticed more producers using deeper (i guess thats the word, but thats not exactly what i mean, listen to the song youll get it) tuning, i really appreciate it. the guitar sounds amazing here, and the drums blend together with them in a really interesting way in this song. also i should note how wonderful the video is, collage!

a classic, catchy tune. i should admit that i feel a little guilty because i've only ever listned to the project diva version of this song until recently, which seems to be a horrible mistake due to how fun meiko's voice sounds here (i am grossly biased towards her v1...) i've also been trying to clear this song on project diva to no avail, i'm not that great at the game

i listened to this song about a year ago, and i think i've listened to it every day since then. its such a stand-out song to me, full of emotion and so loud. maybe i just really like 6/8